Friday, March 26, 2010

When in the library...

Do as the Greeks do. Apparently.

Yesterday I went to the library at lunchtime to find a book about an artist whose paintings I saw and loved here. Turns out that at the library at the moment there is an exhibition on which includes models of the Parthenon. I love models!

The biggest version of the Parthenon

A close up - awesome detailed door and frieze

Smaller model of the Parthenon with arty lighting (not my bad photography this time)

One side of the smaller model

I think I generally just like smaller versions of things; sometimes they're just so mini and perfect and cute. I especially love dolls' houses, which is ironic because I'm scared of dolls. I made two dolls' houses when I was younger with a friend using left over plywood at her Dad's factory workshop, a jigsaw (the power tool), nails, and A LOT of glue. We made furniture (like little couches) and covered it with a whole lot of scraps that a local upholstery shop kindly gave us when we asked. The rooms were all painted different colours and had carpet and lino - I can't remember where we got those from.

Sadly only one doll's house survives because when my Mum moved down South she said she wasn't taking them with her so one found refuge at Dad's and the other I had to throw out. The one that survives is the one I made for my troll dolls, so it's actually quite big because the mother troll is about 12cm high + hair. I must take a photo next time I'm home in Masterton because that troll house is pretty amazing if I do say so myself. It's three storeys high plus an attic. It reaches up to about hip height. Go ten year old me!

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