Monday, March 29, 2010

Divide and conquer!

So I decided to start all over again and cut out new separate pieces for the rag doll. I followed the instructions for sewing from the inside out on this tutorial (see Steps 4 to 7) and while it wasn't the easiest thing in the world, it was pretty much a success!

This is the body with the arms and legs all tucked inside, having sewn them to the right side of the fabric on one piece of the body and head, and then placed the other piece of body and head right side down and sewn around the edges.

I then had to pull the legs and arms through the gap I left in the top of the head. It was like giving birth, obviously much less painful but probably just as stressful. I kept feeling like I was going to rip all the seams.

But the seams turned out pretty nicely on one side of the doll at least. I think I only ripped a couple of seams in neck (or never sewed them properly in the first place) but I can easily hand sew them.

Overall the head is a bit tiny but I'm going to find some cheap, thick, brown wool and give her lots of hair to make up for it... And I haven't completely stuffed and sewn the top of the head because I might give her some little black button eyes if it's not too Coraline-ish.

Overall, I'm very pleased. If I try it again I will make the body a tiny bit bigger to make it easier to sew around it with the legs and arms inside. And make the head a bit bigger.

Tonight, Monday night Knitting Circle. Time to tackle the ribbed edging on the Baby Shrug! (And also to potentially convince Anita to bring the Big Foot Baby Bootie along so I can take a photo and share it with the world...)

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