Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Skirting the issues

It's not often I feel like a babe; only really when I'm dressing up to go somewhere. But I had to post about my new skirt because I had so many nice comments about it today when I wore it for its first outing to work.

I got it on Monday in Christchurch at Jaqui E. The outer is a wool/acrylic blend and the lining is a cotton/elastane. My Mum actually bought it for me because I had already bought some winter essentials that day and while I loved the skirt, I'm a bit tight when it comes to buying clothes. I want bargains or nothing at all. She said I had to have it because it's knit so it suits my current obsession perfectly. But basically, I'm not one to refuse nice things...especially when Mum's buying.

The pattern

I actually already have a woollen skirt. It's bright red and I can't remember where I got it from. I think it was from a second hand shop in Masterton when some friends and I went shopping for something to wear to a 'retro' party back in my
Wairarapa College days. I do remember I wore it with a red and white polka dot top as I have a much loved photo (pre-digital cameras) from the night of the party. It's of two of my friends and I all dressed and ready to go.

I don't usually wear the skirt because it is very red, but it got an outing last Christmas when Anita and I wore all red and green to a Christmas party.

I conveniently cut our heads off because I'm pretty sure Anita doesn't want her face, beautiful as it is, plastered over the internet. I, however, am happy to show off my Nicole Kidman skin to the world...

It's a plain red skirt with some ribbing along the bottom but, like the grey Jacqui E one, it's so comfortable (due to its elastic waistband - pretty much my favourite part although someone at work told me today when I admitted I loved that it had an elastic waistband that Trinny and Susannah consider elastic waistbands a huge no-no) and warm!

What's the point of all this? Well clearly, I want to knit a skirt! I've loved my red woollen skirt since I got it (even though it's just too red for everyday wear, it's managed to find itself at more than one dress-up party because I do love wearing it) and my grey one has sealed the deal. Also I saw this skirt in the Twist Collective's latest issue and it's soooo pretty! And there are skirt patterns on Ravelry. I think a knitted skirt might just be the first thing I knit for myself when I the Baby Shrug is finished and I've knit Guy the hat I promised him and I've given the Mary Jane booties Anita has knit a go and I've tried the free Pixie Cap pattern on Shescrafty and...actually, I might have to adjust my 'to knit' list or the skirt won't be happening until next winter!

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