Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tales from Monday night Knitting Circle

Last night I broke the knitting drought of over a week and my Monday night Knitting Circle drought of two weeks and it was good. Although, it's now dark when Anita and I walk to the Southern Cross at about 7pm. It used to still be light when we walked home at around 9pm. Winter is really on its way.

In my hour and half I did the ribbed edging on one of the Baby Shrug sleeves. The bit that takes me the longest is picking up the stitches, and even then it's when I have to turn, say, 40 stitches into 30 stitches. It isn't easy for my maths intolerant brain.

It's getting so close to the end now though. Only the edging on the other arm to go and then I'm ready to attempt my first ever sewing up of a garment!

Anita bravely continued with the very difficult arm warmer pattern she's started knitting. She's using awesome coloured yarn from Knitsch.

She rolled that ball from a skein all by herself! I have a skein of Knitsch yarn myself that I bought because the skein looked so much prettier and more grown up than the pre-rolled balls. I was worried about how I was going to make it into a ball when the time came but as long as Anita is around I need not fear because her ball looks so well done.

Penny was knitting some baby booties from the same pattern Anita used in a great green. What with her golden scarf and now this, Penny is proving she is brave and bold when it comes to colours and I like it!

She is also so organised that she colour coordinated her top with her knitting

Penny is knitting these booties for a very special new arrival - her niece Phoebe was born on Saturday. Phoebe's Mum came to Monday night Knitting Circle a couple of times with Penny - before sitting in the same position for long periods of time got too uncomfortable. She was furiously knitting all sorts of cute baby outfits so with her Mum's and her aunty Penny's knitting efforts combined, little Phoebe is going to be the best dressed baby in town!

In unrelated news, I went to a flat warming on Saturday night where everyone sat outside (so really it should have been a garden warming) and kept warm around this:

An old washing machine inner turned into a brazier. I hadn't seen one of these before, it's such a good idea and a very effective outdoor heater!

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