Saturday, May 1, 2010

Green leaf, red leaf

And now there are two!

I started another leaf, this time in red, while watching Project Runway on Thursday night. I must be getting quicker because I got at least halfway through the leaf by the end of the programme. I finished it last night in about an hour, so all up this one took two hours.

I'm going to try to knit some more over the next few weeks because they're so easy and satisfying, but I'll try not to document every single one...just get ready for an amazing pile. A pretty Christmas-y looking pile I admit but a pile none-the-less. I have so much green and red acrylic yarn now it's a bit disgusting. But those Panda Magnum balls are so big and cheap! And I liked the red! I'm thinking it will come in handy for some Christmas decorations if I don't use it all up on leaves - which I'm pretty sure I won't. Again, those Panda Magnum balls, they're big. Ahhh knitting, once again you make the use of strange sounding sentences perfectly legitimate.

Back to Project Runway for a moment, turns out that even though we didn't see her doing any in the show (they hardly have time to actually finish any sewing for some challenges so it's not surprising), Gordana knits! This article on the Vogue Knitting site has an interview with her about her passion for knitting and shows some of the sexy little knitted dresses she's designed.

This evening I'm off to see the film Home By Christmas. I'm really looking forward to it. I've seen the documentary War Stories Our Mothers Never Told Us in which director Gaylene Preston's mother was one of the New Zealand women interviewed about their wartime experiences, so I'm interested to see her father's side of the story, as well as the dramatisation of both. I'm definitely taking some tissues - the trailer alone made me teary.

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