Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Seems easy, seams hard

On Sunday evening I sat down to start another leaf and was gripped by the sudden urge to start sewing the seams up on the Baby Shrug. As I have been avoiding it for so long now I thought I'd better make the most of the urge and get to it. I followed the instructions for seaming using the mattress stitch in The Bible and it was like magic!

It took ages because I am slow and am a perfectionist so I only got one side seam done but I was really happy with it! I decided to carry on at Monday night Knitting Circle, which is when it turned to custard. The seams for the arms have to be done a different way because the seams aren't vertical, they are horizontal. According to The Bible that means I need to seam them as illustrated here (on the piece of green knitting). But I kept getting a big fat lumpy mess.

I pulled it apart and tried again a million times (well, it felt like a million) and after much craft rage, I pulled it back to where it looked okay and left it there. I can't remember how I was doing it to begin with but I'm sure I suffered mini-amnesia and changed what I was doing and that's why it started getting lumpy and ugly. Whyyyyyyyyyyy? It has totally put me off. But at the same time I want to finish the damn thing. Ahhh craft rage, so frustrating.

Last night was Anita's last Monday night Knitting Circle for six whole weeks. She's off to England and I have challenged her to visit one of these yarn shops and send me photos:

I Knit London


All the Fun of the Fair

I just searched 'yarn shops London' and chose the ones that looked the coolest. I hope she rises to the challenge but if she doesn't, I expect a really good birthday present to make up for it.

Anita has finished her first arm warmer - kind of. I think she should knit the thumb as per the pattern to finish them properly. But it involves using 5 dpns and she is not keen.

It looks awesome anyway and I know she is going to find the will to knit the second. Aren't you Anita? Yes you are. She started it last night so hopefully with continued pressure the one completed arm warmer will become part of a pair.

The show starts again tonight after the usual Sunday/Monday break and we got a great review in The Dominion Post yesterday which is nice and will hopefully boost bookings. But with such crappy weather today it's a wonder anyone would want to leave their house. Here's hoping though!

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