Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Knitterazzi - they're out there

If you're ever sitting knitting and you spy
Out the corner of your eye
A telephoto lens pointed in your direction
On reflection...don't worry, it's probably just me.
The newest member of the knitterazzi.

Last night at Monday night Knitting Circle, Anita threatened to disown me. All because I was again trying to secretly take photos of people's knitted items in a not so secret manner. Clearly not a good reason for such drastic threats. I was only pretending to look at photos on my camera while at the same time blatantly pointing it in the direction of my secret subject and pushing the button, muttering, 'Grrr, my zoom isn't good enough. She keeps moving! The lighting is too bad in here, they're all fuzzy.'

Anita and I decided that in the future I need a better camera with a telephoto lens and some wallpaper-like clothing as camouflage. Anita also decided I was too entertaining to disown. Thankfully, because I need her to help me turn my Knitsch skein into a ball at some point, plus she's handy for when I am having pattern reading issues.

Anyway, I was trying to take a secret photo of these:

A pair of Ysolda Lace-up Opera Gloves, knitted for Ellen by Erin as a birthday present. Purple with red ribbons. Awesome.

In less stealthy (and less blurry) Monday night Knitting Circle news, Anita is very close to finishing the first of her arm warmers.

Look at that complicated cable/lace pattern on the front go! Anita is a pro! (I am the rhyming queen today, hey hey)

The back - showing off the hot colours of Knitsch's Punky

I am so looking forward to seeing the finished product. Although I am more looking forward to seeing a finished pair. Anita has been saying she doesn't know when she'll get time to knit the second arm warmer as she is going to England for a month in less than three weeks and will be busy visiting people and generally having a good time. I am not impressed by this. I might lock her in her house and not let her out to board the plane until there's a finished pair. Never mind her end of term assignment for uni that she has to do.

As for me, I seemed to have lost my knitting mojo last night. I cast on my fourth leaf and somehow mucked it up (HOW? Surely having made something three times previously this should not happen; I think my counting let me down) so had to frog it and start again. I got halfway through, however, so leaf number four should be done soon. Not in time for the first installation of 'It's a Tree!' tomorrow, but I'll definitely be sending of my little package of leaves sometime soon.

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