Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cuteness overload

At Monday night Knitting Circle I knitted half of my third leaf, Anita started her arm warmers again (having made one mistake too many and frogged them), and Penny unveiled the ultimate in cute:

Pink with black bows: tres chic for the stylish feminine baby

Green with pale yellow rosettes: a mix of funky and traditional for the bold modern baby

Penny was captured in action knitting these green booties a couple of weeks ago. She has been having serious trouble getting a left and a right bootie for both the pink and green pairs. She has knit a million right booties while trying to knit a left and ended up just deciding two rights did not make a wrong and the baby wouldn't know the difference.

Of course there were other things on other people's needles, but as I said to Anita, I feel a bit weird whipping out my camera every five minutes to take photos of people's knitting - especially because I don't actively tell people that I have a blog so most of them wouldn't know why I was taking the photos and I'd have to explain. Though one thing I wish I had taken a photo of was Ellen's amazing white hooded jersey she had with her that she finished after many weeks and has been wearing. It is so soft and pretty! There's cabling around the hood and all sorts of clever goodness. Hopefully she will put it up on her Ravelry projects at some point.

Knitting a jersey like Ellen's is a distant dream that I don't even know I'd have the patience for. For now, I'll stick to my leaves and summoning the will to sew together the Baby Shrug. I looked at the instructions for sewing garments together in The Bible and apparently I need to use the 'mattress stitch'. It looks a bit more complicated than just normal sewing. Of course. When has anything knitting related looked easy?

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