Sunday, May 23, 2010

On stage and on the streets

Opening night went really well, despite the fact that when our stage manager said, 'Okay I'm going to open the doors now' both Alex and I said, 'Do you have to? We don't want to do the show anymore...'. I don't think a good dose of nerves ever hurt anyone though and we were fine. Our first review was very positive and we have ten more shows to keep working on things we know can make the show even better.

Something that's already pretty perfect, however, is our set:

Every time I see the giant portrait created by merging Alex's face with my face it makes me ridiculously happy. It just looks so awesome! The portrait is of Mary Waters, our Enid Blyton-type character and the mother of the two sisters Alex and I play. If you're in Wellington and reading this, you should come check it out in real life - 6.30pm at BATS Theatre, Tuesday to Saturday nights until June 5th.

As you can tell, not a lot of knitting has been going on at the moment, except for the knitting I do on stage which is a total mess. I've dropped so many stitches and put the needles down halfway through a row so many times that I've knit back the way I've come at least once. It's very difficult to act and knit at the same time - I wouldn't advise it! I'm going to start another leaf tonight though - I think I'd better try to get at least a few more entries into Tash's draw for 'It's a Tree!' now that she's announced how awesome it is!

And, while walking through the Mt. Victoria tunnel this morning on the way to visit some friends who've opened a boutique pilates studio in Hataitai (and who have the CUTEST little boy in the world...I should try to knit something for him but he's growing by the second it seems!), I saw this stencil:

Surely it's a ball of yarn? There's only the one just inside the Basin Reserve end of the tunnel and I haven't seen any others in my travels around Wellington. Who is responsible for this mysterious lone yarn? Is it someone who chose to interpret the term 'graffiti knitting' very literally?


  1. You also got a rave review in today's Dom Post. Well done :D

  2. I know! As soon as I got to work this morning one of my colleagues cried, 'Check the paper, check the paper! You got an awesome review!'(it's so handy having colleagues who get up much earlier than me). We're really pleased, it's nice when hard work pays off :)

  3. If I didn't have a chest infection, I would be there so fast! It sounds like an awesome show.

  4. I just read the review. Well done! I am beyond impressed. Kathryn W was right, you are "***** clever!" Wish I was in Wellington to see it. I also wish I could be there to hunt out more knitting ball stencils... maybe I'll just have to spray-paint my own around Rangiora...