Saturday, May 29, 2010


I could stay sitting in front of the heater with my slippers on and a cup of tea.

Instead I have to go out into the the freezing cold wind and rain to BATS for our last show of the week. Once I get there it will be fun but I've already been outside once today and gotten soaked through so fingers crossed it doesn't happen again!

I love these slipper/socks. Guy got them for me last year when one of his classmates at Toi Whakaari was selling them to fundraise for her secondment (the acting students at Toi each have to go on secondment for a month or so in their final year). Her grandmother was making them for her. I pretty sure they're acrylic (although I'm not the most knowledgeable about these things), they're warm though and just right for pulling on as you get out of bed in the mornings. My flatmate has a similar pair from somewhere else and Anita tells me she and her brother used to get a pair every Christmas from their grandmother.

I'm sure there are lots of variations, some known off-by-heart by loving grandmothers; here's a pattern from Ravelry for cuffed slippers that I might try if I ever need some more. I really want to try making some proper socks at some point, I've heard that once you've made and worn hand knit socks you'll never want to go back to shop bought ones again...I think it might depend on the craft rage/love of finished product ratio though.

Anyway, for now, off to the show.

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