Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I was going to wait because today Ellen (from Monday night Knitting Circle and the knitting graffiti group The 8th Canoe) suggested a WWKiP Day treasure hunt starting on the 12th of June, so I have been talking to her about the possibility of the two events supporting each other (which may mean putting a little plug for the treasure hunt on the posters and fliers).

But as you can tell, I'm too impatient. The poster and flier Guy made under my watchful eye are just too cute not to show off. The flier isn't quite finished yet but I have to show you the image:

It makes me want to create a series about these little friends and their casual tea drinking lives. But with pack-in for our show tomorrow (called Tea for Toot - can you tell I'm a big fan of tea?) then tech rehearsal stuff and opening night on Friday, I think I have enough to keep me busy for now.

So far my total leaf count for 'It's A Tree!' is 4...lucky there are knitters who are a lot faster than me out there who are knitting up a storm. Someone on the Ravelry discussion board for the project said they were up to 30. 30!!! I am in awe. There's an article in The Hutt News this week with a photo of Tash from OutdoorKnit putting some leaves and flowers up and they look so cool, I can't wait to see the trees in real life! I haven't sent my leaves in yet because I keep thinking, 'Surely I'll find time to make just one more...'.

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