Saturday, June 11, 2011

Keeping it in the family

While finishing the second sock of my first ever pair is progressing at snail's pace (but progressing nonetheless, I'm just about ready to start decreasing for the toe), my Nana is back into knitting in a big way after a hiatus of a few years.

In August there will be a new arrival in the family (my aunty is having her third child), so Nana has been knitting booties and is making her way through a cardigan; a pattern she has apparently knit so many times she almost knows it off by heart.

However, my sister is currently living with her as she settles into her first proper teaching job in the Wairarapa and Nana has been telling everyone that Megan forced her to watch a 'pornographic movie' (Love and Other Drugs) and she was so distracted that she knitted an extra row on one of the pairs of booties. She's very worried that the extra row is noticeable. I couldn't tell.

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