Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blanket coverage

On Sunday I got an early birthday present. When I looked in the bag and saw what it was I was very pleased because in January I was feeling a bit left out. For my sister's 21st birthday, my two great aunts gave her a blanket they'd woven. At the time I said to my sister, 'Well, I'm pretty jealous of this blanket, now every one of their great nieces and nephews have got one except me.'

When Olga and Paddy gave me the blanket on Sunday I said, 'Yay! Thank you, I was hoping I'd get one of these some day...' and Olga said, 'When we realised we'd never made you one, we were mortified!'

I really love it and it's so warm, I came home and put it straight on my bed. I'm especially pleased it has some green in it and I like how every blanket they've made is different. This is the blanket they made for Megan's 21st:

Both are blankets that will be well looked after, for sure.

Sitting on top of my blanket in the first photo is another piece of my great aunts' handiwork. In April there was a family reunion (I was in Hamilton performing Tea for Toot so I couldn't go) and Olga and Paddy produced a whole lot of copies of the Jacobson family creed for those who attended and some for those who couldn't (calligraphy being yet another of their many talents). The creed was written by my great great grandfather in both Swedish and English.

Dear children, remember that all labour is honourable, necessary and useful: whether you sail across the ocean to foreign countries, or till the soils in your land as your fathers did before you.

I prefer to think of the creed in a more metaphorical sense considering I'm not likely to be tilling any soil in the near future.

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