Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lace, movies, and a strange game

On Monday night I went to a beginner's lace class at Holland Road Yarn Company. Turns out lace itself isn't that scary at all, it's just making holes on purpose (although my first lot of on-purpose-holes can't be seen in the photo, they're quite tiny). I was surprised to see that I'd already done all of the things on the sheet before as part of various patterns. I guess lace just looks scary when it's done with fine yarn. Maybe an Ishbel isn't such a crazy knitting dream - except that I still haven't quite finished my first ever socks and have a scarf for my sister to start.

This past week seems to have been a week of movies - Bridesmaids on Thursday, The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Friday and Sixteen Candles today - with a wee bit of contemporary dance thrown in for good measure - Thricely? Precisely. A Pocket Full of Pips.

Bridesmaids was fun, I didn't have high expectations so I enjoyed the fact that it was a comedy with all female leads, most of whom looked like real people rather than botoxed supermodels. The Rocky Horror Picture Show was a very different kind of fun, it was an interactive time for which lots of people dressed up. I'd seen the stage show many years ago but never the movie, and while you couldn't really watch the movie with much focus as people were saying all the dialogue along with the characters and throwing rice and toast and streamers, getting to stand up and do the 'Time Warp' with everyone else at The Embassy was a great time. Tim Curry as Frank n Furter was awesome and I especially loved Richard O'Brien as Riff Raff and Susan Sarandon as Janet. It's such a crazy movie though.

Today for classic movie Sunday we had a birthday theme in honour of Ed's birthday tomorrow. Sixteen Candles wasn't quite what I expected. The plot was a bit all over the place and there was some quite offensive stuff in it - the 'prom king'-type guy giving his very drunk girlfriend to 'the geek' to drive her home and do what he likes with en route - which may have been considered risque for the age group it was aimed at at the time but now just seems crass. The young Joan and John Cusack were highlights.

I also went to a baby shower and played 'pinned the sperm on the egg in the uterus'. It has to be one of the stranger games I've ever played...

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