Thursday, June 16, 2011


My birthday really started on Saturday when my Mum arrived to hang out with me for the weekend.

We had brunch at my favourite cafe in Newtown, Pranah. Their oat and walnut pancakes are too good.

We had dinner at The Ambeli while it absolutely poured with rain. I can't rave about the food enough, it was so amazing. Just thinking about it now makes me want to do a little shiver of yumness. It wasn't cheap but it was so worth it. It's such a cute little place as well.

While having brunch at Sweet Mother's Kitchen on Sunday we saw some knit graffiti that must have been done as part of International Yarn Bombing Day (I went back later on Sunday night to take some more photos).

And then my favourite street jazz band even made an appearance as we walked along the waterfront.

My actual birthday yesterday had some strange but nice moments (thank you Coffee Man...) and more good food followed by the Wellington finals of the V48 Hours 2011 film competition. And this cake:

Thank you Beth and Ed for the best knitted sock cake ever (when they first carried it over I panicked thinking, 'I have no idea what this is; is it a caterpillar? Why?!' but then I think I clicked at the same moment Beth cried out 'It's a knitted sock!' Thank goodness.)

Also, looking over this post, I might as well rename this blog, 'Wellington, I love you'. Because I do.

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