Saturday, May 7, 2011

Comedy of (sock) Errors

This may simply look like a sock post-heel turn and mid-gusset.

But look again. It's actually laughing at me.

I foolishly thought that the second time around it would be so much easier. But the first sock took so long and this one has also been taking forever, so by the time I got to the gusset again, I had forgotten how to do it. And while I wrote about getting someone to help me with it last time, I didn't actually write down anywhere how I'd done it - helpful.

So this time I made it up as I went along. It's not great but it'll do. I'm over it. It's a sock. I just want to get it finished.

Then we'll see who's laughing.

(Speaking of laughing, I saw the most hilarious show I have seen in a long time on Thursday night. The Irrefutable Truth About Pet Food at BATS Theatre as part of the NZ International Comedy Festival. It's closing night is tonight. It hasn't been to everyone's comedy taste but it was definitely to mine. I seem to be at odds with general critical opinion at the moment, on Wednesday night I went to a much raved about three and a half hour show that shall remain nameless and I was quite unimpressed - while there were some some really strong performances, the set was unimaginative and boring, one of the lighting offers was particularly ridiculous, some of the accents were terrible, and as Alex said, we could have watched a Home and Away omnibus and gotten the same thing out of it as the script was so soap opera-y.)

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