Sunday, May 22, 2011


Yesterday Alex and I got asked to help out a V48 Hours team. It was so fun! I've never done any film stuff before (except for a few years in which my sister, step-sister, step-brothers and I were into using the home video camera on the weekends we were all together to make our own episodes of the TV programme Mirror Mirror, our own soap opera called Caroline Crescent, and a TV drama along the lines of the old Montana Sunday Theatre programmes that used to screen on channel one, all complete with ads and my sister quitting in tears because I was being too bossy).

Despite the time pressure, everyone we worked with was really nice and seemed to be there to have a good time as well as to make a decent short film, which is surely what the competition is all about. I secretly liked them saying, 'Quiet on set, rolling, sound, speed [I didn't work out what that actually meant], scene three, take one [clapping the clapperboard], action!' It was just like the movies...

I not-so-secretly liked the bonnet I got to wear (the film is set in Victorian times). Once it was on I refused to take it off for the rest of the day. I also loved Alex's dress. Such a good colour.

Doing some unrelated photo acting while waiting around; sadly this was pre-bonnet 

For the conversation party scene we went to the Government Buildings, which are currently home to the Victoria University Faculty of Law. I had never been in there before (despite passing the building every day on my way to work for the last five months) and it's so cool. Apparently they do tours every weekend so I might have to go along as I only got to see a wee bit of it yesterday.

It's the largest wooden building in the Southern Hemisphere. And there is definitely a lot of wood.

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