Sunday, May 1, 2011

A right royal wedding party

Our Royal Wedding party was a right success. The lounge was decorated with union jacks, a giant mural of Diana and Charles on their wedding day with a surprise guest photoshopped in, my Will and Kate bunting all the way from London, and some great images of Kate Middleton from this very funny blog. There were tiny sandwiches, pikelets with jam and cream, cheap sparkling wine, and a sponge with William's face dusted on in icing sugar (clearly William in better hair days). Beth bought me a Royal Wedding sick bag in case the ceremony got too much but the only time it was almost needed was when I first saw Princess Beatrice's hat...

I was a bit surprised by THE dress, I had thought it would be more like the maid of honour's dress but with slightly longer sleeves (as I knew she had to be a bit covered up in accordance with the church protocol) and a train. Having looked at photos though, I've decided I really like it. The lace is beautiful and was apparently made by the Royal School of Needlework - the Official Royal Wedding site says that those working on the lace had to wash their hands every thirty minutes to keep the threads clean and the needles were renewed every three hours to make sure they were sharp. On TV you couldn't see that there is lace on the skirt of the dress so I thought the bodice and the skirt didn't really fit well together, but now that I've seen photos and seen how the skirt has echoes of the lace, I do think the dress works overall. I loved the maid of honour's dress though, she looked amazing.

The only thing I wish we'd had was a lip reader with us who could tell us all the little things people were saying to each other - William and Harry when they first arrived at the church, Harry, William and Kate when she first arrived next to them at the altar - they seemed to be making some jokes and having a good, if nervous time. Maybe they were saying, 'Did you see Beatrice's hat? What is up with that? Who invited a moose?'

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