Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cloaked in glory

While over in the Wairarapa for a quick visit I picked up the nurse's cape I bought during the Christmas break from an antique shop that was having a closing down sale. Nana had taken it to get dry cleaned and mended because it had some little holes in various places. It must have been pretty dirty because it is now extremely red... I love it though, it makes me feel like Little Red Riding Hood when I put it on. You can see the patch where the fabric name badge would have been sewn to the cape, just under the the neck fastening thing on the left.

Mum and I went into a shop selling all sorts of old light shades in Carterton.

Then it was back to Wellington for dinner to celebrate Ed's triumphant return from his journeys. Adrianne made excellent kedgeree, which I've never had before but it's yum.

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