Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Sunday saw our first classic movie Sunday with Ed back in the fold. We watched Psycho. It was very, very stressful.

While I'm glad I saw it and actually really enjoyed it, Psycho encapsulated for me why I don't watch thrillers or scary movies very often, especially when I can't yell at the screen ('Oh great idea, go into the house ALONE you idiot!') or talk to the people I'm watching the movie with ('Why did he do that? I'm freaking out!'). At the end of the movie, I was a bit scared about going home to my relatively unknown flatmates and worried by the thought of having a shower (I did get over that, so don't worry, I haven't given up washing).

However, as a classic movie, Psycho was excellent. I kept thinking how great it would have been to watch without knowing the plot twist. And Norman Bates is such a perfect villain, partly because he is SO attractive. Good work, Hitchcock.

Yesterday was Waitangi Day, so to celebrate our nationhood, I went for a walk along Oriental Bay with my friend Kate and talked about one night stands, and then we went to see Young Adult.

I think I liked it. If you see it, you'll understand what I mean. Or hate it. I laughed, I squirmed, and sometimes I just couldn't watch. Not in a Psycho stabbing-in-the-shower way, more of an uncomfortable, 'I can't believe this character is doing this' way. I really enjoyed all of the performances. I liked that the protagonist was so unlikeable and you never really felt sorry for her no matter what happened. I guess, overall, I did really like it.

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