Saturday, May 12, 2012

Paper and cheese

The other morning, when my room was still in disarray, I went and sat in my flatmate Emma's room to eat my cinnamon and grated apple porridge (I didn't make it, but it's really yum, so one day I will have to try to recreate the glory of it). The door of her wardrobe was open and the wallpaper on the inside was so great I had to take a photo of it.

My room is pretty much all set up now, which is nice. This house is so homely that I want to burrow in and hibernate all winter knitting and listening to podcasts, and reading, and watching Girls and the latest season of Mad Men. Unfortunately, I still have to leave the house to go to work. And really, I don't think I'd last long at pure hibernation, because then I'd miss things like the talk I went to by Oliver Jeffers on Tuesday night, run by the New Zealand Book Council.

Oliver Jeffers is an Irishman living in New York who writes and illustrates picture books. I got him to sign my copy of The Heart and the Bottle. He asked if I worked in publishing or wanted to be a children's book maker (because it seemed like that was the background of a lot of other people there) and I said, 'No, I work for the Government. I tell stories, but they're pretty boring.' And he replied, 'Oh. Well...good luck with that.'

He's right. I need to get out of the Government. But what will I doooooo? I'm working on it.

On Thursday night I went to Yeti Is Dead/I Am Tom which was very funny in a silly way, and last night I went to Command Performance which was impressive musical improvisation. Both were at BATS as part of the NZ International Comedy Festival.

I forgot to include this photo in one of my earlier posts. This was my Aro Cafe lunch on Sunday in between my first and second car load to the new house. It was extremely delicious fried haloumi and bread with a side salad. I decided I'd better make the most of Aro Cafe on my last day living around the corner from it.

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