Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bike helmets and poppies

Just when you thought this blog had turned into a floral tribute (and, let's be honest, it pretty much has - this post will not be without flowers), I actually make something. Granted it was only a card, but I was inordinately proud of it because I am terrible at drawing and I drew something that actually resembled the object it was supposed to.

It was a card for Alex and Cam, who had the best non-baby shower baby shower on Sunday.

There were so many cute and comedy presents and nice people (the booties and jersey above were knitted by Aileen and I was really jealous). It was at a 50s-style diner and the meals were HUGE. Then Alex and Cam and Kitty and I went home and watched Burlesque. I have now seen it three times and I'm not quite sure why.

Last night I cast on and knit six rows of my latest Baby Knitters Club project while babysitting a very cute almost three year old. I am knitting the Pebble Vest which I have seen a lot on a blog I read. It's knit across as one piece, which mean casting on 80 stitches. That is one long row.

And in floral news, the very nice florist at Bunches included some poppies in my weekly $10 bunch of flowers for my desk. So far only one has opened and it has been amazing to watch. I wish I'd had a time lapse camera taking photos of it.

How does it know to do what it does even when it's been cut off from its roots? It's actually incredible. I hope the other three buds open.

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