Sunday, September 9, 2012

Spring has sprung

The Botanic Garden is actually making me later and later for work each morning. I'm usually already running late when I walk through, but now I'm all, 'Oh but look at that magnolia tree, I need to take a photo! Those daffodils have doubled since yesterday, I need to take a photo! Freesias in a little clump amongst purple-y blue flowers, photo! Tulips, photo! Poppies, photo!'

The tulips are amazing though. One morning there were a couple, the next morning quite a few more, and then yesterday as I drove past I saw there were HEAPS. Walking to work this week is going to be great. Unless this crazy wind ruined them all.

This week I saw a play I did not enjoy. But nothing else. I decided what I'm going to knit next for Baby Knitters Club. But I haven't actually started it.

Baby Knitters Club seems to be on a slight hiatus at the moment. However, Kate got busy in her own time and made these amazing bibs. They're like kerchiefs - they're square with a pointed bottom - and she put domes on them like a grown-up. Amazing! [I wrote 'put domes on them like a grown-up' while half-asleep last night before I gave up on finishing this post; what does it even mean? I think it means that domes seem like a hard-out thing and that only a grown-up, accomplished sewer could put them on something. Yeah, that's what it means.]

Here are two photos I took while passing through Carterton last time I was in the Wairarapa.

I think they'd need to add 'knitting' or 'sitting around drinking cups of tea, eating, and talking' to make the Club appeal to me. Neither of those activities seem crazy for a Senior Citizens' Club.

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