Monday, September 17, 2012

Take me to the beach

On the weekend I went to the beach. It was very, very, very nice.

Amongst going for a long walk, trying to form a biking gang of two adults to rival the biking gang of three small children we saw riding around, eating fish and chips, and falling asleep while watching March of the Penguins, I made progress on my Pebble Vest but failed to take a photo of it. It's pretty boring still. It's just 13 rows of 80 stitches with some stitch markers.

I decided I really, really like Norfolk Pines with their little stars at the top and admired them a lot.

I also made a still life with some flowers I stole from the side of the road, a shell I stole from the beach, and an eggshell blue tea tray and a Crown Lynn cup I wanted to steal from the house we stayed in. I made that coffee in the cup. In one of those stovetop percolators. I don't drink coffee, but I love those contraptions.

Also, I didn't set out to make a still life, just so you know. I put some flowers in a gravy boat on the tray and then put the shell next to it to look pretty and then decided I needed to take a photo and call it a 'still life' like a pretentious loser.

Also, also, it really annoyed me how March of the Penguins was all, 'Why do the penguins march? Because love.' And, 'Now the family get to spend some quality time together before departing, never to see each other again.' Stop projecting human emotions and concepts onto penguins. They don't do it for love. They do it for reproduction.

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