Monday, September 24, 2012


I went away again this weekend.

This time to a 'cottage' in Tinui, which isn't very far away from the beach I stayed at the weekend before. The 'cottage' wasn't really a cottage, but a big old three bedroom house, beautifully restored with an impressively hot fire, an outdoor spa pool (which was amazing to sit in and look at the stars on a frosty night), and a 'walk' to the site of the first ever ANZAC ceremony.

We got a little off track on the walk, so instead of an hour, it took us about three hours of walking through mud, and climbing a very steep track. The view was worth it though.

We also went to Castlepoint (a different beach from the one I was at the weekend before) and walked up to the lighthouse and around the lagoon and tried to slide down the big sand dunes. The weather was very nice.

Now I have to endure the last three weeks of life as a policy analyst, before I start my new job at BATS. Exciting!

Also, I have made no progress on the Pebble vest, but the stitch markers I ordered from Holland Road Yarn Company arrived so I can take off the bits of different coloured wool I tied on and be all proper at Baby Knitters Club on Wednesday.

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