Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Drum roll please...

While I still feel like I could somehow jinx it (even though my contract is signed and I have resigned from my current job as of yesterday), I think I can finally share my exciting news alluded to last week. I am moving to the bright lights of policy!

I beat out 130 other applicants (I know, I'm boasting a little bit but I figure I'm allowed to just this once) for the role of 'Policy Advisor (Graduate)' at another Crown Entity which shall remain nameless. So after nearly four years at my current workplace (two years of which were part-time while I was studying), I am leaving all the lovely people who keep me amused five days a week to venture down the other end of town nearer to the Beehive. I am really excited as this move means I will be able to use my brain a bit more and do more of what I love which is researching and writing. Hopefully it will be a steep learning curve and a big challenge. Yay! The four week countdown is on!

And here is my sock progress. I still have a few more inches to go until I get to the heel turn (which sounds rather ominous) but I am plodding away at it.

I'm loving the way the striping is happening. I was saying to someone at Monday night Knitting Circle this week that I don't understand how Tash dyes it so that such tiny sections are different colours when you look along the piece of yarn (you can kind of see it in the working piece coming out the top of the sock). She is clearly magic!


  1. Jealous, much? Hmm... yes, I am! Congratulations on the new job, sounds fab ;o)

  2. Well done you!! I hope the new job goes well.