Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gonna shout it from the mountain top, a star is born!

Unrelated title today. Because I can. And it's what popped into my head.

Last night's Monday night Knitting Circle was big! Again! The last two weeks have seen about 15 people in attendance and because Anita and I tend to run on the late side (usually my fault; okay, always my fault), we have had to sit apart from the group. That will teach us (well, me). Although it did mean we got to sit on a couch, so there are two sides to the coin.

I don't have a photo of my sock. Because really, it still looks the same. Just longer. And only slightly. I have to get it to 7 inches in length before I start the heel flap and honestly, I feel like I didn't make any progress last night. Even though I sat there and knitted many rows, when I got my tape measure out I was expecting to be almost there and still had nearly 2 inches to go. Sigh.

Anita is knitting a baby 'cap' for a baby that was born while she was in England. Not just any baby of course as I'm sure lots of babies were born while she was in England and she can't knit caps for them all; this is a baby whose parents she knows. She's using a pattern from Vintage Knits for Modern Babies, one of my birthday books. The baby is a boy so she's using yarn with pale blue, yellow, and green flecks. Apologies for the terrible photo, the lighting wasn't great and my camera isn't either. Christmas list here we come!

You can just see in the bottom right corner the finished product (which obviously isn't seamless but I guess it could be if you knit it on circulars). It's so cute with the little swirled effect and the moss stitch band. Apparently moss stitch is actually very easy which I am pleased to hear because it looks cool. I think the edging on the little shrug Nikki posted about today is in moss stitch - speaking of which, that little shrug is so cute! I love the colour.

Now Anita just has to knit the cap quickly because the baby is already a month old...

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  1. It fills me with joy that your title is from Hercules.