Thursday, July 22, 2010


A couple of weeks ago I meant to link to this great little video of Scottish designer Ysolda. It tells about how she got into designing knitting patterns and how she came to make a living from it, as well as showing off some of her designs and her cute little space at some giant trade show in America. Her stuff is so pretty I want to knit it all. The funny thing with videos/recordings of bloggers is getting to actually see and hear someone you feel like you already know. And Ysolda is Scottish so I imagined her having a really strong awesome Scottish accent, when actually it's kind of a weird hybrid accent. I like the bit where the woman interviewing asks what Ysolda majored in while she was at university and Ysolda says 'English Literature' and the woman replies, 'Did you intend to do something with that?' and Ysolda says, 'Not really...'

Image source here

Anyway, I really liked the video. And in the video Ysolda is wearing this Red Riding Hood type cardigan thing which she describes as a more practical version of a fairy tale cape. Which I also really like.

Also, Ingrid from Knit On the Net recently featured Susan Crawford's Town and City Tufted Cape from Vintage Gifts to Knit and then when I was walking to work the other morning I saw a particularly hip theatre maker walking to Toi Whakaari wearing a kind of mid-lenth cape (not a knitted one though, it was made out of heavier woollen coat-like fabric) and I liked that too.

So the moral of the story is, I want a cape. I just think they are really cute and jaunty. This one (on Ravelry) is more cute than jaunty, but I like the pointed hood. Although it doesn't necessarily have to be a knitted cape. And really, at the rate my one sock is going, I'm never going to have time to knit half of the things I want to knit.

Soon I'm off to dinner at a friend's house and I'm taking some amazing cheesecake I discovered today, from Yummy Mummy's on Lambton Quay. I love cheesecake and from the sample I tried at the shop, this could be very dangerous...


  1. Two things: 1. You would look super awesome in a cape. I remember that gorgeous green swing coat you had that I totally can't pull off cos my boobs are too... erm... generous. But, anyone who could rock that coat, could rock a cape; 2. I'm guessing that cheesecake shop in James Cook is new? Good thing it opened after I left Wellington or my children would have been born with a cheesecake addiction. I love a good cheesecake. Mmm... so good... I'm tempted to ask if they're open to franchising...

  2. Oh that green coat! I am ashamed to admit I haven't worn it this winter because a button fell off and I haven't gotten around to gettting a giant thick needle and sewing it on again! But I love that coat. Maybe I will get my act together this weekend and fix that button. And yup, the cheesecake shop is new. Apparently the business originally opened in Woodville and has grown from there!