Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cards, cuteness, and Breakfast at Tiffany's

This week I've made two cards and done no knitting since Monday - except to teach my friend's 7 year old daughter how to knit. I guess the needles are pretty long when you're little, she looked so cute trying to wrangle them, but she managed to do a pretty good job!

The latter card was for the 50th birthday of my friend Hayley's Mum. But due to the nature of my mixed up family, Hayley's Mum is also my step-sister Ashmore's step-Mum; or to put it another way, my step-Mum's ex-husband's second wife. Got that? Family jungle aside, Kerry had her 50th birthday party last night and on all the tables were little favours one of her friends had made. They were all so pretty and full of jaffas!

As nice as the 50th was, so many people (especially older ones, as in around my grandparents' age) sucessfully made me feel like the absolute incarnation of Bridget Jones by either asking, 'Have you got a boyfriend?...Why not?' or 'Have you found a new boyfriend yet? You'd better get a move on.' The next family event I go to I am going to make a t-shirt depending on the status of my love life; it will either say, 'No, I don't have a boyfriend so don't ask' or 'Yes, I have got a boyfriend. Are you happy now?'

Yesterday afternoon I had a really nice time with someone who couldn't ask annoying questions. In fact he didn't do anything except be really really cute. I was babysitting the cutest baby in Hataitai again, who seems to love the Wellington International Ukelele Orchestra! I put it on at one point when he was in his high chair and he banged away with his spoon in pretty good time to the beat, and then later on, after his bath when he was all clean and even cuter, we had a bit of a dance to it and while I sang along he seemed to try to too. Babies are so nice when you can give them back.

Then this afternoon Alex, Ed, and I had our third classic movie afternoon. This time it was Breakfast at Tiffany's, which I first watched around 10 years ago and about which I couldn't remember anything except that I wasn't that impressed and thought it was a bit boring. This time, however, I really liked it. Except for Mickey Rooney's awful and pretty offensive Mr. Yunioshi.

Talking about it on the way home, Ed and I agreed that nothing much really happens plot-wise, but it's about a certain type of lifestyle and outlook on life and a lot of the characters are very interesting. Also, while the character of Holly Golightly can be infuriating, Audrey Hepburn is undoubtedly a babe and her costumes are amazing (the hat! The little black dress and that infamous long black dress! The dress that looks like she wrapped a sheet around her and tossed the end over her shoulder and still looks stylish and amazing!). I got given the book the movie is based on for my birthday a couple of years ago and still haven't read it, but watching the movie makes me want to see what it's like. Apparently the book is set in the 1940s but for the movie they updated the time setting to the present day (which was the 1960s). Favourite quotes:

Holly: It's useful being the top banana in the shock department.

Holly: Do you think she's talented, deeply and importantly talented?
Paul: No. Amusingly and superficially talented, yes. But deeply and importantly, no.

Holly: You know the terrible thing, Fred, darling? I am still Lule Mae - 14 years old, stealing turkey eggs, and running through a briar patch. Except now I call it having the mean reds.

Holly: There are certain shades of limelight that can wreck a girl's complexion.

So that's the headlines from another busy weekend and it's my first day at my new job tomorrow so I'd better get some sleep!

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