Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sew sew sew your boat

On Tuesday at my sewing night class I sewed some pretty sexy darts (sexy hilarious am I?!) for the bag we're all making:

And a crooked pocket (that needs ironing) with a zip in it:

In my defence, it seemed everyone else got to do practice zips before they did the one for their pocket, but when I went to the teacher and said I'd finished my darts she made me do my proper zip from the get go. And it's not like I was the last person to finish my darts. And because she does zips a weird way it wasn't exactly easy or straighforward so as a result my zip and my pocket are far from perfect. Sigh. Poor me. But they're done and the zip works and it's hidden by a nice wee flap because the teacher said that you should never be able to see zips. I love it, 'the teacher made me do this', 'the teacher said that'. Those teachers, they have a lot to answer for.

I was really really really tired at Monday night Knitting Circle after my first day at my new job. I made Anita drive us there instead of walking as usual because it was freezing cold and raining, so we were on time for once in our Knitting Circle lives. Although we left early so I could collapse into bed, I did achieve the seven inches necessary on my sock to move on to the heel flap. So now, scary heel flapness awaits me! When I measured my knitting so far and found that I had finally reached seven inches I said to Anita, 'I doubt that there will be second sock for a looong time; just doing this much of the first one has taken me FOREVER' and she took great delight in informing me that now I knew how she felt after finishing her first hand warmer. Well, fine. I'm going to have to finish this first sock and then knit the second just to show her. Even if it takes me until next winter.

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