Thursday, August 5, 2010

Things that are visually appealing

A cupcake from Tempt given to me on my last day at work on Tuesday.

The fabric for the bag I am making in my sewing night classes - the fabric on the right hand side is for the outer, the fabric on the left hand side is for the inner. Now that I look at the outer fabric, it makes me think of 1970s kitchen wallpaper. Oh well. I love the inner fabric - I love how it's like the design drawings for a formal, stately garden. Both fabrics are from Arthur Toye Fabrics and were 50% off. This week at the sewing night class we cut all the pieces out for the bag and pinned the darts, I might try to sew the darts this weekend to get a head start on next Tuesday's class.

Beautiful leaf earings by Duncan Mackay from The Vault. I got vouchers for The Vault as part of my leaving present from work, otherwise I would never have spent that much on earrings! They are just what I was looking for though.

I don't start my new job until Monday so at the moment I am being a lady of leisure. The rain yesterday dampened my vision of gadding about Wellington under blue skies, but I did go to the City Gallery in the afternoon. The John Pule exhibition was good but what I loved most was a painting by Elliot Collins that is part of the Ready to Roll exhibition of contemporary New Zealand work. It's a huge painting with what I guess could be described as a poem on it. I copied the poem down as a text in my cellphone I liked it that much. It took quite a while. Then I googled him today and found this video about him and his work. He is officially my new crush. Even though his hair is a bit too hipster for me, he is so CUTE (as a person I mean) and he loves his Mum. And I love him. Sigh.

This afternoon I went to one of the Go Solo groups at Toi Whakaari: New Zealand Drama School. The thing I love about solos, having only first seen them last year, is how different they can be in every way and you never know what to expect. Some are more polished than others and some might not be to everyone's taste, but they're each only 20 minutes long so if you don't like one then you know it's going to be over pretty soon!

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