Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So I was going to wait until I'd washed and ironed my newly completed bag, but I was so proud of it I couldn't wait that long. Behold:

I know it isn't the most complicated of projects, but I LOVE THE FABRIC COMBINATION SO MUCH. I especially love the lining which makes me think of the gardens at the Chateau de Versailles. Have I been there? No, but I've heard about them and seen photos so I'm thinking of the formality and symmetry and what they must look like from the sky. Anyway. My bag is a babe.

We had the 'real' teacher for the first time at the sewing night class last night and she said we're welcome to make a copy of the pattern for the bag (she designed it) because now we know how to make it it's a quick and easy project that can make a good present. She also said, 'So have you learned how to do buttonholes yet? Invisible zips?' and we were like, 'No...' So hopefully she's going to teach us a few things like that over the next 3 weeks because those are the kind of things I was hoping to learn. I need to decide what I want to make next as we still have 3 classes to go - I'm thinking I have another try at a skirt, or I try making a little pinnafore for the soon-to-be-born baby of one of the workers down on my Mum's farm. I won't make it baby-sized though, more like 1 year old or something. I don't know.

Something I could have added to my last post about favourite things is a new favourite thing I discovered last week. One of my former workmates (which sounds very formal but I don't think she'd appreciate me calling her one of my 'old' workmates) had a group of us over to her house last Thursday night to play a board game she recently bought online called 'Liebrary'. It was amazing!

The basic premise is: for each round someone is the librarian. The librarian rolls the die and takes a card from whichever genre section the die lands on (children's; classics; fiction/non-fiction; horror/mystery/sci-fi; romance). They read out the title of the book, the author, and a very brief plot summary from the card and then everyone has to write out what they think the first line of the book could be and give it to the librarian. The libarian writes out the real first line (given on the card) and then reads it out amongst the first lines everyone else has written. Everyone then has to guess which was the real first line and you get points if people choose your first line as the real line and points if you guess the correct first line. It's very much like Balderdash which is another game I love but haven't played for ages (even though I own it...I feel a Balderdash evening coming on).

There were six of us playing (in my former workmate's lovely lovely grown-up house with all nice furniture and art and generally pretty things and wine and cheese) and it was one of the best games I've ever played. Because we are all so clever and amazing, it was actually really hard to guess the real first line and people came up with some pretty amazing ones. The six of us could definitely have a career in first line writing. I really want to play it again!

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  1. We cracked into the beauty that is Balderdash last night. I shall be inviting myself to said reunion.