Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fort of awesomeness

While we loved our set for our first season of Tea for Toot at BATS, it wasn't practical to try to cart everything to Auckland and recreate it. Aside from not being able to fit it all in the car, The Basement theatre is a different space, much longer and narrower they way they often configure it, and we only had 20 minutes each night between the different shows to set up/pack down.

So the very clever, talented and lovely Hannah Smith designed us a new set. And we LOVED it.

It was just like being little and having made a fort, but better! Alex and I wanted to live in the fort and/or do the whole show in the fort. We did go in and out to make tea and we did the shadow puppets from inside with the front panel let down. But we could happily have spent more time in 'the lady sanctum'.

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