Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Holland Road Yarn Company

On Sunday I finally had time to get out to Petone and visit Tash at her very own, very exciting new yarn shop - Holland Road Yarn Company.

In the past I have bemoaned the lack of an inviting, inspiring yarn shop in Wellington where everything is beautifully displayed (although The Yarn Studio at Nancy's does do a pretty good job of that) and there's space to hang out and do some knitting if you feel so inclined, so I had high hopes for HRYC. I was sure Tash wouldn't disappoint, however, and I was right. It is so cute and lovely and there are couches! It's only been open for a month (one month today in fact!) so it will surely only get better and better as time goes by.

Tash is such an inspiring example of someone who has found their passion and worked really hard to make a living out of it. And who could resist buying something from such a friendly face...

I couldn't.

This found its way home with me, I have plans to make it into a scarf for my sister. I am really looking forward to knitting with something so much thicker than the 4 ply of my first socks as this is worsted weight (which is 10 ply if I remember correctly). Having been knitting on stage in Tea for Toot with 8 ply and size 7 needles, I just know it's going to seem like I am making speed-of-light progress. Bring on the instant gratification!

And yes, I am still making slow progress on the second sock of the pair of my first socks, I managed to get to Monday night Knitting Circle last night for the first time in many weeks (I've started going to improvising workshops on a Monday night straight after work which means I don't get to knitting until well after 8pm if at all - the latter tended to be true as Auckland Fringe got closer as I got too tired, but last night we had no workshop so I was at knitting on time, a minor miracle) and there was a really good number of people there. Numbers had noticeably dropped off before and after Christmas but weirdly as the weather is turning, the numbers seem to be picking up. I feel like this happened last year as well. You'd think people would be less inclined to go out on a Monday night in winter but maybe they need more of a reason to get out of the house than in summer? Maybe rain and colder weather make people want to pick up their knitting again?

Who can understand the complex psyche of the knitter. I won't even pretend to.

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