Thursday, January 5, 2012 the blog!

What started as a way to document the progress of my newfound love of knitting two years ago, has since become a way to document the nice things I do and see, places I go, and people I spend my time with. That's a lot of 'I' and sometimes I feel a bit strange about documenting my life on the internet. But really, it's for me, no one is forced to read it, and when I went on my overseas jaunt in August, it turned out to be an excellent way of keeping my family updated on what I was doing. So, the blog lives on.

It's made me take heaps more photos than I used to (like the one above, a fence I walked past in Eastbourne on Monday), which I'm happy about, and I like being able to look back and see what I was doing last year or the year before - even though I rarely do. And I get to write, which I also like doing. Actually, if I added up all the words I've written on this over the past two years I bet it'd be novella length, at least. That's kind of a depressing thought. Maybe I should rename the blog, 'I could have been a novella'.

To celebrate the blog's birthday, I've changed the wee pictures in the header (having done it once before, you'd think it would have been a quick and easy process. It wasn't). Roses growing in my aunty's garden at the farm in the Wairarapa, my favourite photo from my holiday (the Sacre Coeur at sunset with jetstreams in the sky, taken from a little windy street behind it, a few hours after I arrived in Paris), and some very successful ginger crunch.

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