Sunday, January 8, 2012


I spent this weekend at Longwood. My friend Frankie invited me and we drove over after work on Friday. It was a weekend of delicious food cooked by her Mum, endless cups of tea in proper tea cups, croquet (I won two out of three games, turns out I am good at a sport! Granted it's a leisurely sport you can play while wearing a maxi dress), feeding chickens and collecting their eggs, reading, a trip to Lake Ferry for fish and chips (the last two photos), listening to National radio's Saturday evening old music radio show, and watching movies (I fulfilled my holiday wish to watch Little Women, I felt like I was about to burst with love for the movie the whole way through, I have seen it so many times before but I have now decided it is definitely my favourite movie ever; Winona Ryder, Susan Sarandon, Christian Bale...actually everyone in it is amazing, I cried when Beth died, and watching it in a big old house was almost too perfect to be true).

There were so many things I wanted to take photos of (including the very old falling down greenhouse which is beautiful in a ruined kind of way), but I had to refrain because it felt impolite to keep whipping a camera out in someone's home. Such a great weekend, I felt very fortunate.

On Thursday night I had dinner at Adrianne's new house (she made impressively good carbonara) and then we popped down the road to The Embassy to watch Melancholia. Beautiful, but freaky. I wish I'd read what it was about properly before going to see it.

And seeing as this is turning into a movie round-up, over the Christmas holiday I watched Basquiat which was great. It features David Bowie as Andy Warhol which I was not expecting. Some time before Christmas I watched Beginners which I really enjoyed. It was touching without being sentimental and Ewan McGregor is a babe).

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