Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Further Fleet Babes, CMS Fail, and Toasted Marshmellows

Turns out my flatmate took an excellent photo during the Fleet Foxes on Friday night. I guess it helps that he is much, much taller than me.

On Sunday we had the first classic movie Sunday of 2012. I chose the movie and it was terrible. I thought it had all the makings of a CMS winner - the lead actress won an Oscar for it, I'd heard the title before, it had Harvey Keitel, Kris Kristofferson, and child Jodie Foster in it and was directed by Martin Scorcese (not that I know anything about him), and there was a photo of a woman with amazing hair on the back cover.

Don't ever watch Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore. Basically, Alice cries. A lot. She's also really awful to her poor son who gets dragged around with her and left in motel rooms alone all evening while she works as a singer in bars (despite the fact that she's actually not that great at singing and she appears to have a very small repetoire of approximately two songs). The woman with the great hair was a highlight but overall, even the 1970s fashions couldn't keep the movie interesting. A terrible classic movie start to 2012 for which I take full responsibility.

Although Alex made a tart and it was yum.

On Sunday night my two English flatmates assembled a tiny BBQ they bought for $15. We sat outside slightly burning things and then eating them. We watched the clouds turn orange and then toasted marshmellows.

It was great.

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