Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bobby is my hobby and I'm giving it up!

Some gratuitous photos of the sock to prove it still exists. At the moment it makes me think of a Snork, even though it doesn't actually look like one. It's like it has a weird little mouth - clearly I am so bored of knitting this I'm having to give it personality traits to keep me going. A girl at Monday night Knitting Circle was saying she's onto her 7th pair of socks this year. That's almost a pair of socks a month. And she's not knitting with big needles and chunky wool - a while ago I posted a photo of the amazing elaborate sock she was working on at the time. Sigh.

The original Broadway production

Yesterday I went to the Toi Whakaari cabaret at the Museum Hotel; this year it was an actual musical (Stephen Sondheim's Company) rather than a collection of songs and I LOVED IT (the title of this post is from a song in it). I hadn't heard of Company before and almost wasn't going to go but I'm so glad I did. I got the original cast recording out from the library the other day so I would vaguely know some of the songs because I always like musicals better when I know the music, and I liked what I heard but when I actually saw the show and how the songs worked with the story and characters I got a little bit emotional because I love musicals and people singing great songs well just makes me really happy. It's weird. I found this amazing clip from a documentary about the recording of the original cast recording. They all look so intense and serious - including the guy smoking while singing, and the 70s fashion is great.

I have been listening to the original cast recording all morning and it's making me jealous. I want to be in a musical. Although I don't envy the girl who had to sing the song called 'Getting Married Today' which is so fast but one of my favourites, sung by a crazy bride who's about to get married and decides she's changed her mind. The woman on the original cast recording is unbelievable, she does an amazing job.

On Friday night I went to a gig at The Palace and I wish I'd taken my camera because it is this massive house on Oriental Terrace that must have been pretty awesome in its hey day (it's a bit run down now), it has a basement and rooms on the ground level, then two storeys above with a million rooms. It's still pretty awesome now, I wish I could go explore it in the daylight. I love being nosy in old buildings. I once took a drawing class at Inverlochy Art School partly because I just wanted to be able to go in and have a good look around the house.

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