Thursday, October 7, 2010


Last night I went to the opening of 'Chromotose', a 'collaborative exhibition of works created by the final year Diploma of Photography class at Massey University, Wellington.' Anita is in the class so some of her work is being exhibited. The exhibition space is really cool, it's a big empty commercial space in the city currently up for lease. There are some really awesome works and some not so awesome works - but I guess a lot of it comes down to personal taste. Anita's are very clever and interesting though and if I was rich and had a nice hallway, I would definitely have bought the series, but then I expected no less.

I didn't follow through with my threat to dress all in black with giant dark glasses and a black beret and bring a small poodle. I just don't have easy access to many small poodles.

The exhibition is on from 11am - 6pm until Tuesday 12th October, on the corner of Hunter and Victoria Streets. If you are in Wellington and bored on your lunchbreak or looking for an outing on the weekend, go check it out.

Last night I also had another sleepless night. By which I mean I tossed and turned in bed getting angrier and angrier at life and (as the time changed from 1am, to 2am, to 3am, to 4am) my inability to get to sleep. So today I decided I needed something to keep me going. It definitely tasted as good as it looks (a black and white brownie pie from Pandoro).

I have only had three truly sleepless nights in the last few months, which I guess is pretty good considering the various break-up potholes I've encountered, but overall I have been getting much less sleep than ever before just because I am so busy all the time. I once read that when Helen Clark was Prime Minister, she got an average of 5 hours sleep a night. Maybe I should get into politics, because it's surprising how little sleep I seem to be able to function on these days.

I am so looking forward to it being Friday evening and the weekend in general, I have lots of fun things planned, I just hope I can stay awake for them...

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  1. The exhibition sounds cool- well done, Anita! I can definitely imagine you in an all-black Jackie O oufit, with a small poodle!

    I have decided that I shall indeed be having a Pandoro brownie with today's lunch. That picture has got me drooling all over my keyboard...

    Sorry to hear about the sleepless nights. I definitely empathise: after I lost my job at Internal Affairs, I had *months* of insomnia and it was AWFUL. :( They reckon it's good to get up and walk around for a bit if you've got insomnia, so you're not tossing and turning and your bed's becomming a battlefield. I get up and knit sometimes, as well. :)

    See you on Monday! This time, I will actually make an effort to come over and chat. :)