Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Innocence, fish, and birds

Publicity image for Innocence - image source here

So I just went to see a play with a whole lot of nakedness in it. Pretty much everyone got naked at some point.

It's not like I haven't been to a play with a naked person in it before. And it's not like I haven't been to a play with a naked person I know in it before. And I don't consider myself particularly prudish. I think it was just the fact that so many people got naked and I know many of them that I'm still recovering.

The set was cool though, lots of height and billowing fabric. And a fish tank that I didn't notice until it was lit and then it looked really cool. Anita didn't like the fish tank, but maybe she just doesn't like fish. I used to want a goldfish when I was younger but my Dad wouldn't let me, he said he doesn't like animals in cages, no matter what kind of animal it is. I did have a bird for a while once when I was in my third year at university, I needed a live bird in a cage for a short play I directed. I think it was a budgie. I named him Frances. He was supposed to be a girl but when he started singing my friend (whose parents were going to have him in their aviary when the play was over and had asked that it be a female so that it wouldn't breed with the budgie they already had) said, 'I'm pretty sure only male budgies sing.' Luckily her parents still took Frances and he is living happily in Palmerston North, making eggs with his partner but not managing to get them to hatch.

Anyway, the play I went to tonight was called Innocence by Dea Loher. I wish I had a name that rolled off the tongue like that (assuming the 'h' is kind of silent). Maybe one day I will.

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