Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oh, hi summer, you should stick around

I love Wellington. A little while ago I was feeling a bit down about August next year being so far away, because it feels like everyone is going off on exciting trips and some of us have to stay and save our pennies before we can go too. But on weekends like the one we've just had, I feel like it's not going to be so hard hanging out here, especially now that summer feels so within reach.

On Saturday morning Anita and I went to the World Press Photo exhibition in Shed 11. I've been the last two years in a row so I was prepared for some of the more horrific images that make you want to have a big cry at how awful the world can be. There were some amazing images but overall I didn't think it was as good as the last two years' exhibitions, there were some photos that didn't really seem to fit with the 'press' angle, they were interesting but they didn't really capture anything specific to events or situations of the last year. Well worth a visit though, especially as a reminder of what a comparatively safe country we live in.

Then I spent the afternoon sitting in the sun on the balcony at the house of some friends' in Hataitai, drinking and laughing and getting my nails painted 'off orange'. When the sun went down and it got a bit chilly we went inside and had a massive jam session in their upstairs attic space that was actually such an amazing time. There were so many instruments that even people like me who can't play the guitar or the drums or the keyboard could join in with the maracas, the triangle, or the xylaphone. I did get a turn on a bass guitar and the drums though so I felt very authentic.

ItalicThere was even this amazing accordian. Not being played by me, my fingers are much fatter, but they are sporting the same 'off orange' nail polish.

I got a bit movie crazy today, after lunch in the sun (ANOTHER day with sun, so good. Someone said today, 'We go through months of wind and rain and crappy weather, and then as soon as we have a nice sunny day, we forgive everything and remember why we love this city'. It's so true, even though I don't think our winter was that bad this year), I watched Wall Street at my friend Fiona's. I don't think I've seen anything with Michael Douglas in it before and it was nice to see Charlie Sheen outside of his stupid sitcom. Some of the '80s glamour was very funny - the apartment Charlie Sheen's character has refurbished with fake brick walls covered in wall paper with bits artfully ripped out so it looks all distressed - and the massive cellphones which seem like they should be kitchen appliances. Now I want to see the sequel Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps that has just been released, so we are planning an outing to the movies sometime soon.

This evening for classic movie Sunday (in Ed's new dream attic bedroom - so many attics in Hataitai, I wish I lived in a house with an attic) we watched Pollyanna. Mainly because Alex and I wanted to take a trip down memory lane. It was a lot longer than I remembered and everyone in the town is so grumpy and rude to Pollyanna when she first arrives, it's quite infuriating. Also Pollyanna is so gawky, she seems to spend most of her time squinting and/or making some other weird facial expression. But I loved it. There were so many bits I remembered (I watched it quite a few times when I was younger, it was one of the many movies my Mum taped off TV and missed the very beginning of) and it's still awful watching her fall towards the end. We were shouting advice at her to no avail, 'Just go in the front door, what's the worst Aunt Polly can do? Get in the window and then try to get the doll! Hold onto the inside of the window frame! Aim your landing into a bush!' (that last piece of advice was from me, I quite like the idea of someone being able to aim their landing as they fall).

Obviously there was no time for knitting or sewing this weekend, but I feel like I won't abandon my knitting over the summer. In fact, sitting in the sun with a cool gin and tonic and some knitting wouldn't be a bad way to spend many a summer day.

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