Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just don't mention the buttonholes

Sunday just been, I did this:

The theme was 'Tomorrow When The Party Began'. This was our post-apocalypse costume offer (hazardous waste clean up anyone? It's a serious business). Now I own a giant yellow ski suit and highlighter pink shoes.

The Sunday before that, we watched Gentlemen Prefer Blondes for classic movie Sunday.

I hadn't ever seen a Marilyn Monroe movie before and to be honest, she didn't really do it for me. Her voice is too babyish and annoying. I liked the other lead, Jane Russell, much more. She was far wittier and a better singer. But it was a fun movie. Pure fluff, but fun.

Oh, another slightly fluffy but fun movie was 1000 Euro Generation at the Italian Film Festival. Last year some of us from my old work went to a cheesy Italian romantic comedy and it was so cliched and predictable but great because it was Italian. We went again this year, on Sunday, and our choice this year was less cheesy but still predictable and still so much better because everyone spoke Italian. Sigh.

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