Friday, February 19, 2010

Boyband members on the fringe of weddings

And that's what you get when you try to combine a number of subjects in one heading.

Tonight I am having a bit of a Fringe time - this is the first Fringe Festival I haven't been involved in in three years so it's weird to be all free and easy at this time of the year - not having to worry about opening night looming, whether anyone will show up etc. Although I haven't escaped completely...

The person in this show may or may not be my boyfriend.

Okay it is, and he's written some pretty awesome songs and created some pretty hilarious characters. I haven't had a lot to do with the show except for providing some helpful suggestions (TJ's pose? My idea. Just saying.) and a lot of moral support as he's been pretty stressed about it lately (I believe a sentence I have used in the last couple of weeks a few times is: 'You are banned from ever creating another solo show'). His opening night is looming large and creating and performing 40 minutes worth of show all on your own is a big task. But I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished product of all his hard work, laughing at the songs, and enjoying other people's reactions.

But that's a whole 5 nights away. Tonight I'm going to Nag to have a look-see, then I'm #1 on the waiting list for Thricely Precisely, a dance show directed by my very talented friend Brigid, and then I'm hoping there will be tickets left for The Comediettes if Thricely Precisely finishes in time. Or if I don't get in to Thricely Precisely then I'm early enough to get a ticket for The Commediettes. It's all a bit uncertain...

Tomorrow it's wedding time! Guy went to the rehearsal today and said the venue, Boomrock Lodge, is beautiful. It looks pretty amazing (and expensive) on the website. Unable to afford towels at $79.95 each from the Kirkcaldie's Gift Register (you can't get a couple just one towel now can you?) we were rebels and didn't even get anything off the gift register. Instead we got them a copy of the book '101 Must Do Weekends' for New Zealand. I'd like to get given it so I hope they do too.

I started trying to make their card last night, the one my Valentine's Card was a practice run for. It did not go well. It was a case of 'I want this to look really good and perfect so I am just going to try so hard to do it well I muck it up'. I drew numerous hearts that I deemed too fat, lopsided, or low, then when I finally drew one I was happy with I stuck the needle through from the back OUTSIDE the black line after having sewed along the heart a bit. And then I did it AGAIN when I started the next one. So instead of wasting more card I gave up and cast on a dishcloth. I will try again tomorrow and maybe even have a go on the sewing machine. I hope these people appreciate the lengths I have gone to, the amount of card I have wasted...

I do like weddings, so even though I am going to be a bit of a no-mates because Guy is a groomsman and I won't know many people, hopefully it will be beautiful weather, nice food, and a feel-good time all round.

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