Monday, February 15, 2010

Good night nurse...

The progress of a building demolition I can see out my upstairs window continues.

Yesterday I wished my camera had a more powerful zoom because a window just past where the demolition had finished for the weekend was half-open and had a white curtain billowing out in the breeze. It looked quite bizarre but also reminded me of pictures I have seen of buildings that have been bombed; pictures in which a wall has been blown out and the every day objects and fixtures inside the rooms are revealed.

Today in The Dominion Post I was really pleased to see this little article about the demolition because I love knowing the history of buildings. I had assumed that this building was once a type of hostel for hospital staff but it was nice to know for sure and to see this picture of the building when it was originally constructed. Here's another picture of it from 1960 I found through some quick research on the hospital website.

It's sad when old buildings are torn down for carparks, but this one had definitely fallen into a bad state of disrepair and I guess it wasn't the most beautiful piece of architecture. I bet it's the source of a lot of memories for the nurses who lived there though. Its younger sister is still there behind it with no mention in the newspaper article of it being demolished in the future, but it seems likely that it will be at some point because it's not really in any better condition.

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