Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yet to be convinced

I cast on and started my second dishcloth last night. So far, I'm not convinced by this whole variegated yarn thing. It looks like two chunks of different colours that I wouldn't say are that complimentary. I guess it's because my piece isn't very wide.

But I shall perservere because I am determined to get it finished. I have decided I can push my deadline out to Friday afternoon. I'm taking a day in lieu on Friday for the event I worked at all day on Sunday so I plan to knit as much as I can tonight and then finish it off on Friday and post the parcel Friday afternoon. Tomorrow night if the weather is fine (it's not looking so promising at the moment, it's gotten colder and there was a bit of rain around midday) I'm going to an outdoor movie (otherwise known as Film by Starlight) at the Dell in the Botanic Gardens. It's Dirty Dancing!

I finished the first dishcloth on Monday night at Monday night knitting. It was a big night in terms of numbers. There were heaps of people there, lots of new people and some people I haven't seen there for a while. It was great, hopefully it continues!

I bought my Mum's other present today that my sister and I are going halves in. She loves Pohutakawa trees but can't plant one down South because it's too cold down there for it to survive in Winter. So I got her two of the smaller Pohutakawa blossom shaped aluminium wall hangings from Abstract Designs on Cuba St (the smaller ones aren't on this page but they are just a smaller $32 version of the bigger $110 ones). I hope she likes them. I like a lot of the other shapes they have in the store as well, maybe I'll put one on my list for my birthday in June.

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