Friday, February 5, 2010

Call me knitter. Hat knitter.

I did it! The hat is finito!

I went into Knit World on Thursday at lunchtime and said to one of the ladies there, 'I need help.' To which she replied, 'Don't we all love?' (in a nice and amusing way). Then I pulled my hat out, explained my need to switch to DPNs and my other need to learn how to use DPNs and she sat me down at the table, put the stitches on the DPNs and showed me how to knit using them. It was so easy! Although I definitely prefer circulars because I got annoyed by the sticky-out-ness of the DPNs, although maybe that was because mine were very long for the small amount of stitches I had (they didn't have any shorter needles). I could have finished my hat there and then at Knit World (the lovely lady who helped me said I should because then I wouldn't have to buy the needles) but I had to get back to work.

So last night after a very filling dinner of curry from Little India with my flatmate and some of her friends she is going to the rubgy Sevens with this weekend, I rushed home in time to watch the season premiere of Season Six of Project Runway, and finished the hat while watching. I got into Project Runway last year about halfway through the season so it was interesting to watch the very first episode of a new season. I felt it went a bit fast (although I only had my eye half on the show until the runway showing of the garments because I was concentrating on my hat) because after the showing when the judges were critiquing the garments I found it hard to remember who made what. Am looking forward to following the show for the next few months though.

I decided to go with the tassle on the hat as per the pattern even though I thought it might look a bit dorky. It was fun to make as well, very clever. And it made me feel like I'd fully completed the hat. I tried it on and it fit! Then when I got home after work today I hand washed it with the B_E_E delicate fabric wash (and panicked for a moment because even though I had used such lukewarm water it was pretty much cold, I thought I'd dyed the white wool blue because the blue fluff from the blue wool was making the white wool seem like it had a blue-ish tinge, having removed it though and rolled it up in a towel, I can safely say this is not the case). This is the hat being model by an upside down bowl sitting on top of a cup (a highly technical contraption created because I had nothing else head-shaped):

This hat model has since been fired though because I felt it might be stretching it too much, so the hat is now sitting in the hot water cupboard with a scrunched up tea towel inside it because I didn't like the thought of it drying flat. Yup, I'm VERY protective of my hat. I have just this minute decided to call her Nellie.

And here is a view of her from the top:

There will no doubt be photos of me wearing it when it's dry.

In other news, a building I can see out the window of my apartment that I believe is part of the hospital (which has had a big new flash part built) is being demolished before my very eyes.

This morning before I left for work:

This evening when I got home from work:

And thus the scenery changes incrementally day by day.

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