Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dance of the Dish Cloth

My apartment smells of cask wine and is littered with air beds. Thank you the Sevens.

Not being a big rugby or alcohol fan, I spent some time under the shade of a tree out in the beautiful weather today making some progress on the first of Mum's two birthday dishcloths. Pretty much the same pattern as my scarf but with a border.

I'd better do some more tonight or I'm only going to finish one before my Thursday deadline. I have this yarn to make another with.

I'm thinking thin rib with a border, just because it needs to be something quick and easy. I have no idea how it will make the variegated-ness look.

Tomorrow I have to work at an event called Te Ra O Te Raukura in the Hutt to do with my job, so hopefully the weather stays lovely. It's going to be an early morning and busy day but hopefully an enjoyable one, I'm told the fried scones and melon with ice cream are must-have treats - not really in line with our heart health message but one won't hurt...

Lastly, today was Waitangi Day. Maybe the weather was a toast to the future of New Zealand. I hope so.

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