Thursday, February 18, 2010

Collect call

Well, I still can't decide what to knit next and it's making me grumpy - that and lack of sleep I think just because it has been so muggy at night lately and I never go to bed early enough. But things like this post over at Just Call Me Ruby, remind me that I really have very, very little to complain about and am pretty lucky all told.

Tonight we were supposed to have our first workshop for Tea for Toot but Alex is sick so it has been postponed until Sunday. We'll be working on finding the personalities/characters of the sisters first and I found this material today (always a mistake going into Arthur Toye but it's so close to my work I just find myself walking in there sometimes...) which seemed a perfect visual representation of how in my mind they are the same but different - one brighter, one more plain - and the pattern seems in keeping with the era I have in my mind.

(for $6 a metre I couldn't resist half a metre of each)

We have decided to bring a bit of a collection each to our first workshop as a starting point. Here are some pages from my collection so far - it's looking a bit white and bare at the moment but it's a start.

It's a random assortment of images that help to try and articulate the ideas for and feel of the show I have in my head. The middle page has a concept drawing for and images from the actual set of the HBO TV movie, Grey Gardens which I'd love to see as I found the documentary fascinatingly disturbing and it looks like Drew Barrymore does an amazing job of portraying Little Eadie.

It's Mum's birthday today and when I rang her to wish her a happy birthday she had just opened her present. She's not one to gush about how much she loves a present, which is always a bit of an anti-climax for me because I always want people to gush about how much they love what I have chosen for them! But she did say that when she unwrapped the dishcloths she wondered where I had bought them from and then realised I must have made them. She said Guy's label was very clever and as she was at a Dairy Women's Network Conference (yup, you read correctly) she was going to take the cloths down to breakfast and show the other women. So that was nice.

I think tonight I might start another dishcloth just to tide me over while I watch Project Runway and hopefully it will lower my grump-o-metre...

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