Sunday, June 6, 2010

"Goodbye Toot!", chorused his friends, chuckling.

Seeing this on the mornings that I walked to work this week made me laugh and I had to take a photo. Toot vs. The All Blacks. No prizes for guessing whose total audience number will be bigger. I am not a fan of rugby; maybe because I don't understand the rules, but I just don't see the attraction of watching people run into each other and come off the field with mangled ears and bloody faces. Then again, I never have been very sporty...

Our show ended last night and after packing out we had a few drinks at our fellow cast member's house. It was like an amazing crazy museum - there were two old Air NZ Business Class seats in one room, along with a weird and wonderful assortment of kitsch and strange objects all over the house. Charles and Diana commemorative china, beheaded My Little Ponies, china figurines with bionic limbs...just so much stuff! I hope they don't have to move house any time soon, packing it all would be a nightmare.

A wall in the R&R Museum - you can see the china figurines with bionic limbs sitting next to a spaceship on top of a china cabinet (that is full of funky old china like the stuff on the cover of this book - so jealous)

I baked some biscuits for the occasion that I have been wanting to try to make ever since my old flatmate Lauren's friend Marcy brought them around one weekend and posted me the recipe when I asked for it (I was so surprised when I got it in the mail - she lives in Timaru and was only up for the weekend - so often you ask people for a recipe and they say 'Sure I'll email it to you' and they never do; so big thumbs up for Marcy!). They are a Nigella Lawson recipe, called Totally Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies. Honestly, SO MUCH CHOCOLATE.

The mixture

The mess

The biscuits

The recommended 18 mins at 170 degrees celsius was much too long in our oven on fan bake (especially because they seemed to spread out a lot while cooking, making them thinner than the ones Marcy made) so they were a little over-cooked around the edges after only 12 minutes, but not enough to worry about and they tasted amazing. Definitely only for special occasions though, the amount of chocolate, sugar, and butter in them is criminal!

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