Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pretty things

As mentioned last week, this time of year seems to be birthday season for me. My friend Hayley is a primary school teacher and for the past few years I have bought her a picture book for Christmas and her birthday as part of her present. For her birthday this year I got her Old Hu-Hu by Kyle Mewburn, illustrated by Rachel Driscoll. It is such a beautiful book, from the story, to the way it is written, and the amazing illustrations. No wonder it won the New Zealand Post Children's Book of the Year 2010 award. It's the story of little Hu-Hu-Tu's search for understanding after Old Hu-Hu dies and while some of the ideas in the story could be interpreted as Buddhist, the conclusion that little Hu-Hu-Tu comes to (that someone lives on in the memories of others) is essentially non-religious. I definitely think I will have to buy a copy for myself.

Two weeks ago now I saw A Single Man at The Paramount. It is a ridiculously beautiful movie (unsurprisingly considering Tom Ford directed it). A couple of times I actually wanted to laugh because everything was just so attractive. All the men have chiseled bodies and when we first see the character of Kenny Potter he is wearing a creamy fluffy sweater and crisp white pants ever so casually, his hair flopping just so. In her dinner party scenes Julianne Moore's character has amazing hair (which you can see in the poster image) and a fantastic dress with what I can only describe as a cape attached. I want it. I loved the entrance hall full of orange trees in her house and in fact the early 1960s era clothing and decor in general is what I loved most about the movie. Overall, I thought the movie itself was a bit slow but I think it's worth seeing for the sheer visual beauty. For a more...considered review you can read this from The Guardian.

And that's my arts round-up for the day! (Clearly not a lot of knitting is happening at the moment)

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